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Social Media Marketing Advice

Social Media Customer Care

Social communication is not new but many businesses still remain uncertain on how to utilise social networking to their best advantage.

We can provide assistance and advice on how to get the best out of this increasingly important channel of communication with your customers. We can:

  • Create and brand your Twitter account(s)
  • Create and advise how best to use your Facebook business page(s)
  • Integrate a blog into your existing website for latest news and views
  • Assist your nominated member(s) of staff

Brand Awareness

Publishing carefully crafted tweets, that are skillfully aimed at your prospects, is a very important starting point and we can provide advice to your sales and PR departments on how to best reach your targets.

Social Customer Service

Social customer service is now one of the most vital points of contact between you and your customers and should be taken very seriously.

Did you know that:

  • 81% of Twitter users expect a same-day response to queries and complaints
  • 29% of Facebook users expect a response within two hours
  • 50% of consumers actively use social media to reach out for customer service
  • 74% think social media will become the major channel of the future
  • 90% of upset customers will be retained with great social customer service
  • 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from companies ignoring social complaints

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

As we are more than busy with website building and search engine optimisation we can advise which of our partners would best suit your needs if you prefer to outsource your social media marketing and customer care. We only work with partners that supply the same committment and care to their clients as we do.

Please contact us about social media marketing and customer care.

If you prefer to a quick chat with Wendy about this subject please call 0114 251 3377. We are usually chained to our desks between 8.00am and 6pm.

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Featuring Morclean

Screenshot of Morclean's website

Morclean supplies industrial cleaning equipment to users in the UK and abroad.

We strongly advised Morclean to utilise social media marketing. We even took it upon ourselves to create, and initially maintain, a Twitter account on their behalf.

After a couple of months we received a telephone call from the M.D. of Morclean to tell us he was completely convinced about social media marketing as he'd discovered their company taking 8 out of the top 10 places in Google for a particular search!

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